Horses can “read” human emotions and remember them

Horses can “read” human emotions and remember them

Researchers from the University of Sussex and the University of Portsmouth analyzed the behavior of the horse. The purpose of the study was to determine how horses perceive human. These animals have been found to respond positively to humans, któers have previously smiled at them and remain distrustful of those whoóers have thrown them an angry look,” the researchers stated.

New research shows that horses not only notice when humans are in a bad mood, but can remember it. Scientists in a paper published on the „Current Biology” describe the experience, whichóre conducted with these animals.

The researchers showed 21 horses photographs of humans showing their angry or beaming faces. The people in the photo then met the animal in question while maintaining a neutral facial expression. As it turned out, horses were able to remember facial expressions from a photograph and based interactions with that person on that.

– We discovered that horses can not only read human facial expressions, but they can also remember a person’s emotional state and when they meet them they adjust their behavior accordingly – said Karen McComb, head of theóThe study’s author from the University of Sussex.

Evidence based on this research suggests that horses react differently to a person based on whether a previously seen photo shows them smiling or expressing anger. People with putrid facial expressions were treated more negatively by the horses.

The horses looked at the photographs by turning their heads and looking once with their left and right eyes. The researchers believe this is related to the ródifferences in the way pólcula mózgu process stimuli.

Horses took longer to see photos showing upset humans. Researchers zwróThey noted that they tended to view these photographs with their left eye, whichóre connects to the right pólkula mózgu responsible for processing information related to the state of emergency.

The people involved in the study did not know whichóry horse viewed their photograph and what it expressed. This was in order for them to maintain a neutral posture and limit any possibility of suggesting a certain behavior to the animals.

We know that horses are socially intelligent animals, but for the first time in mammalsów we were able to observe such ability. Surprisingly, this was already happening after the crót a quick glance at a photo of a person expressing a particular emotion – said Leanne Proops of the University of Portsmouth, coóauthor of the study.

But it is not only horses that can remember human faces. Similar abilities were also demonstrated by dogs or sheep. Ravens are also able to do this, które remembering the faces of particularólnie those whoóers deceive them. And they bury a grudge. For more on this, see Ravens remember the faces of people who cheat on them and bury the grudge.

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