40. anniversary of polish cosmonaut’s space flight. Wishes from the ISS

40. anniversary of the Polish cosmonaut’s flight into space. Wishes from the ISS

Miroslaw Hermaszewski 40 years ago made his flight into space. He is so far the only Pole who has been in space. The anniversary was recalled by Russian astronauts sending wishes from aboard the International Space Station.

On June 27, 1978, Miroslaw Hermaszewski and Piotr Klimuk docked to the Salut 6 orbital station. The flight to the station took place aboard the Alliance 30 spacecraft. The cosmonauts stayed in space for eight days. They landed on July 5 on the steppes of Kazakhstan.

– Earth beautiful, round, blue, until you want to scream. The first look and the first thoughts: how beautiful it is here, how nice it is here, but once a person has solidified, the thinking changes. This aesthetic turns into an internal experience. How it happened that I am here? Is this not a dream? It was so fantastic that it was hard to believe – Hermaszewski recalled in an interview with TVN24.

Hermaszewski’s flight took place as part of the Soviet Interkosmos program, and thanks to it Poland became the fourth country in the world toórego citizen took a space flight. Before us were residents of the Soviet Union, Stanóin the United States and Czechoslovakia.

During his space flight, Hermaszewski set several official recordsóin Poland: altitude record – 363 km, the flight speed of 28 thousand km/h (about 8 km/s), the length of the flight – 190 hours 3 minutes and 4 seconds, as well as the length of the route traveled – 5,273,257 km.

Currently residing on the International Space Station (ISS), Oleg Artemyev and Sergei Prokopiev in krótkim recording sent space wishes to Miroslaw Hermaszewski on the occasion of his 40th. anniversary of their flight into space. – We greet you on the occasion of the anniversary of the Polish-Soviet space flight – we can hear on the recording.

– During the flight, the crew made many scientific experimentsóin the medical-biological, technological and geophysical fields – recalled the Russian astronauts. But what experiences mówili?

While in space, Hermashevsky and Klimuk did not have much time to enjoy the viewów. Their itinerary was filled with experiments, które they were to carry out.

Pole participated in scientific experiments involving róThe different aspects of the behavior of the human body in weightlessness conditions. The experiment „Taste” tested how space affects the sensation of tasteów. „Relaxation” was aimed at determining the most effective type of rest for cosmonautsóin, and the experience „Health” consisted of collecting measurementsóin Hermaszewski’s body before the flight and after his return.

Experiment „Cardiolider” together with a device of the same name built in Poland was to measure the cosmonaut’s heart rateóin róhe different phases of the flight. The authors of the experiment were aware of the problemów with the cardiovascular system, whichóre can occur during prolonged stay in weightlessness and wanted to find a way toób coping with them.

In one of the experiments called "Czajka", Hermaszewski was to determine the efficiency of blood vessels nóg and compensatory capacity of the cardiovascular system. During the experiment as a result of the produced róThe blood flowed from the górnych parts of the body to nóg.

– The experiment was followed at the Steering Center by scientists from the Military Institute of Aerospace Medicine. Each of them felt obliged to test their hypotheses or at least ask the question. At their request, I increase the vacuum and faint several times. I’m sick, and meanwhile they are delighted and enjoying themselves like children,” the cosmonaut mentioned in an interview with PAP. Hermaszewski also made observations fromóPolar rows and remote sensing work.

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