56 teams from 16 countries will participate in the 5. of the European Rover Challenge

56 teams from 16 countries will participate in the 5. edition of the European Rover Challenge

Recruitment to 5. edition of the European Rover Challenge has been completed – 56 teams from 16 countries and 6 continents applied to participate in this year’s competition. The best of the teams will fight for a place on the podium during the finals, which will be held September 13-15, 2019 on the campus of Kielce University of Technology Swietokrzyska. The competition is accompanied by increased interest from companies and institutions in the international space sector, including the European Space Robotics Cluster PERASPERA.

– There is a growing participation of European teamsóin the professions – this year it is already 60 percent of the. of all applications. We have 17 brand new teams from all over the world. Amongód reported for the first time are also those thatóers appeared at the ERC 2018 as spectatorsów in order to best prepare for the show this year – mówi Magda Worytko, coordinator of the teamóin the international professionsóin the robotóin the mobile European Rover Challenge.

– We note that the brand of professionalóin the world is increasingly recognized. The high level of the tasks set before the competitors prompts teams to verify their capabilities more thoroughly already at the stage of submitting the first documentation. Applications are being sent by a growing number of teams experienced in participating in róof robotics competitions around the world. – adds Worytko.

Participation in the project and the finals of the competitionóin the ERC is an excellent opportunity for the teams to extend the curriculum requirements implemented by the universities with practical experience in creating documentation in accordance with NASA and ESA requirements, solving on the fly the problems that arise during the competitionóin technical challenges and improving their skills and competencies. As a result, graduates and young engineers are implementing more and more complex projects every year. It was with these in mind in the previous edition of the ERC that the organizers created the ERC Pro formula, whichóra will continue róalso this year. The formula is designed to róalso for startup’ów, companies, research groups and waspsób working in the field of robotics, broadly defined.

ERC Pro gives young professionals a unique opportunity to zarómutually due to mutual inspiration in innovative solutions in the field of space technology, robotics, automation, etc., But most importantly, support in establishing international wspóhe time it will take for companies to cooperate, present their designs to potential investors, or commercialize someórych technical solutions. On the other hand, for university teams, it is an opportunity for direct contact and conversation with more experienced teams and specialists. The competition is also accompanied by increased interest from companies and institutions in the international space sector, including the PERASPERA Cluster. Nabór projectów for the ERC Pro formula still ongoing.

The róalso recruiting exhibitorsóInto the Show Zoneóin Science and Technology, dedicated to all those whoóers who want to learn more about space and related technologies, robotics and their relevance and potential for practical use in róThe ERC Pro formula has been developed for the ERC Pro participants working in the field of robotics in various fields of life m.in. in industry, medicine, agriculture, education.

5. Edition of the ERC will be accompanied by róalso a conference with representatives of the world of science and business from Poland and abroad, as well as mentoring and business workshops for teams.

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