May 12 they will march for the sake of science

On May 12, they will march for the sake of science

On Sunday, May 12, the streets of Warsaw will pass the March for Science. This is a nationwide and pro-social initiative aimed at highlighting the importance of science in social life and increasing the voice of scientists in the public debate. The march will set off at godz. 13 from under the Science Center “Copernicus”, and then will pass through the streets of Warsaw towards the Old Town.

During the event, the marchóThey involve well-known scientists, including Prof. Paweł Golik from the Department of „Artes Liberales” University of Warsaw and prof. Marek Krawczyk – chairman of the committee on the. of science on behalf of the Conference Rectoróin Academic Schoolsół Polish. The march for science is ogóln Poland and a pro-social initiative, whichóra emerged in 2017. In Poland is held for the third time. The event is non-partisan, organized by scientists, doctors, students and science activists.

– The march is an expression of defense against science. No one today is surprised that someone publicly expresses his or her sympathy for a certain political option, religious group or even a music band. So why is it different with science? By organizing the march, we want to change this and disenchant the image of the scientist, whoóry is currently associated more with a wizard from a fairy tale than an ordinary person – mówi Mikolaj Fedorowicz, a doctoral student from the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, współorganizer of the March.

In turn, Dominika Surała, the initiator of the event, whichóra has been involved in popularizing psychology for many years and is also a member of the Skeptic Clubóin Poland, mówi: − By organizing the March for Science, I want to create an opportunity for scientists to share what they live every day. Science is made by people, which is why it is so important to make it accessible to everyone.

March for Science – accompanying events

The march will pass from under the Science Center „Copernicus” In Warsaw’s Powisle district towards StaróThe ship will be launched this Sunday, May 12. Events have been planned to accompany the March, such as science tours and a panel discussion. Their lectures will be given by róAlso notable figures from the world of science.

On Saturday, May 11, during the 23rd. At the Science Picnic at PGE Narodowy, big and small science enthusiasts will be able to enter the world of science to see what algorithm our mózg and what cognitive errors it makes, learn what we rógrifting from machines, and what humans are better at than them, and when to veto an artificial intelligence decision.

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